Personalized care from the hands of an experienced orthopedic surgeon.
When you’re in pain, nothing seems right. You’re missing out on your favorite activities. Jogging, hiking, maybe bike riding. Or you may be missing work and unable to earn a living or support yourself or your family. Dr. Whitfield’s goal is to get you back to your life as quickly as possible.

No matter what kind of injury you may have, Dr. Whitfield — a highly trained orthopedic surgeon — is prepared to treat you with all the skill and experience you deserve. In other words, the highest quality of care possible.

Experienced care in a friendly and understanding environment is what many Palm Beach-area patients have come to expect from Dr. Whitfield and his staff. It’s also exactly what we deliver every day to the most important person in our practice — you.

Caring and friendliness are our trademarks.
Dr. Whitfield combines experience and personalized attention to give you effective, lasting results. Because he truly cares about you, he takes a lot of time to get to know and understand you. He teaches you about your condition, how to take better care of yourself and how to avoid future injury. Dr. Whitfield goes the extra mile in caring for you and treating you properly.


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